Paul Tickner – Fremdsprachenassistent 2009-2010

Hallo, my name is Paul Tickner. I’m from a place called Colwyn Bay; a small, former seaside resort in North Wales, Great Britain. I’m currently a student of Business and German at Bangor University.
My interests include: following football – in particular Oxford Utd-, watching football, playing football, criticising the mercenary nature of the modern game, yet continuing to fund it through the purchase of football shirts, match tickets and beer in sports bars. What can I say, its a bit of a vice, but I am working on it..
I enjoy current affairs and Science Fiction. Favourite series include, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Firefly and Babylon 5.
I also like to travel. More exotic parts of the world I have visited include the Scottish highlands and Devon, both within the UK. You may be viewing me sceptically now, but I am being serious. The UK is one of the places in which I most like to travel. Although I probably should; I do not belong to the British Tourist board, BUT I have been sent to you on a serious mission by the British council. That is to convince the students of the SBSZ that there is more to my fine Isle than Ze Queen and Fish and Chips. Of course that does not mean I have not travelled overseas. I am in Germany after all..
OK, eating is also a hobby of mine. My favourite foods include..dare I say it.. Fish and Chips, pies, Lamb Rogan Josh with Garlic Naan and anything my mother cooks.
Jena is an enjoyable city to live in. There are lots of students and plenty to do. Particular highlights include: the Wagnergasse, watching the silky skills of Orlando and Truckenbrod on Saturdays in Paradise, the sausage aisle in Kaufland (staggering) and seeing Jena’s 7 wonders.
Up to now my experience of the SBSZ has been interesting and generally hassle free. This is largely down to Brita Mucke, who has plenty of experience with language assisstants. I have a good range of classes, all with different abilities and varying levels of enthusiasm for English. As I get the opportunities to do things on my own, it is a challenge. I suppose you would have to ask the students if they view me as a success.
To sum it up, I am happy to be here, the food, the beer, the company and the work is good. May this continue until the end of May.

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