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Improvement of vocational training through studying industrial quality management

qmThe teachers and trainers project has produced a DVD and training instructions on quality management in the industrial production process as the output of the project. The DVD is the product of the cooperation between the organizations involved in the project and will be used as an integral part of an instruction module for the technical instruction. As a bi-product of the project the participants improved their English knowledge and their social competences.

The main topic of the mobility project was quality management in training. During the work with the project the close connection between the quality management necessary in the industrial manufacture and the planned educational process became clear to the participants. An improvement of the co-operation between the teacher colleagues and the establishment of collective working techniques for the team were the aims of the project. Participants in the project were 9 teachers and trainers in technologically oriented subjects, who also participated (without fi nancial support) in the language project BILVOC, this has enabled the teachers to considerably improve their instruction in English.

It has all the time been a close connection to the trainee mobility project BILVOC, which is a co-operation in the form of trainee projects of 10 educational institutions in 3 countries. The teachers and trainers project represents a concrete strategic extension of this project. The dissemination of results is carried out from within the partnership. The 5 DVDs developed during the project are translated into 4 languages, and the quality of the prototypes are being tested before being applied during the lessons.

The project serves a dual purpose as it both contributes through the topic „quality management“ to the improvement of the training in the enterprises and in addition the participating teachers are fulfi lling their learning needs and thereby improving their teaching abilities. Improvement

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