Laura Collins – Fremdsprachenassistentin 2007-2008

colli300Hello everyone!
My name is Laura Collins and I come from America. I live in the state of Oklahoma, in the suburb of Edmond, which is very close to the capital, Oklahoma City. Oklahoma is famous for rodeos, Native Americans, horses, and of course, Route 66! I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) in my hometown, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in German studies and a minor in business administration. My intense interest in language and travel gave me the desire to one day live in another country. It was always my dream to live and work in Germany, which is my favorite country in Europe. So I am thrilled to be here, especially in Jena, Thuringia! It is a beautiful state and it was great to arrive in the fall, which is such a pretty time of year in Germany. I have been in Jena for almost two months now, and I am excited to be part of the staff at SBSZ. My mentor teacher, Brita Mucke, has been so helpful in introducing me to German culture and to the job of being a teaching assistant. I have felt very welcome by my colleagues and the students, and look forward to having a great school year! I find that Jena is an extremely pleasant, enjoyable city, and easy to get around in. I have quickly become very comfortable in Jena, with its student-friendly atmosphere and university life, and its many colorful shops and restaurants. In addition, I have made many wonderful friends here already, who have introduced me to the sites and tastes of German and Thuringian culture. One great similarity I have found between Germany and America is their equal love for coffee and chocolate! However, the quality of German chocolate cannot be matched! While I’m here, I hope to travel this wonderful country and visit other countries in Europe as well. Finally, I look forward to continuing my great experience as an English teaching assistant here at SBSZ.

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