Kirstie Gifford – Fremdsprachassistentin 2010-2011

My name is Kirstie Gifford, and I am your English language assistant for this year! I will be helping out in English classes with conversation practice as well as teaching about English culture. I am 20 years old and I come from Manchester, North England (yes, famous for Manchester United!). I study French and German at Durham University, also in North England, although Durham is near Newcastle. I am also here in Germany to improve my German, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and learning about German culture as much as teaching my own. Please feel free to come up and talk to me if you see me around (in English or German). In my free time I do a lot of music – I play the flute and sing in choirs. I also like hill walking, swimming and reading. I’m really excited to be in Jena, and I look forward to getting to know you!

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