Emma – Fremdsprachenassistentin 2014-2015

My name is Emma Clarke and I am from a place in the countryside called Katesbridge in Northern Ireland.
It is a beautiful place close to the Mourne Mountains and is known as the coldest place in the whole of Ireland!
There are 5 of us in my family. My mum and dad, 2 brothers and I.
I am interested in outdoor sports such as climbing, hillwalking and cycling. In the area where I live there are lots of events in the mountains for running, orienteering etc. so you never get bored. I studied Chemistry in Queens University Belfast and while I was there I got involved with the Queens University Mountaineering Club. The club is very active and every year we go on regular climbing trips all around Ireland, the UK and Europe. I love German and have wanted to live in Germany since I was 13. I decided to apply to be a language assistant with the British Council in January as some of my friends did the same thing in Spain last year and really enjoyed it. In the future I may decide to live permanently in Germany. I just have to find a job.
If anyone would like to speak to me or if you need any help I am in room 01.01.16 with Frau Oberender. There are some language exchange ‚Stammtische‘ in Jena which will help to improve your English. You can also come to the German one to help us foreigners learn German.
There are two in Englisch and one in German.
English- Kulturbahnhof Mondays from 20.30
Bo’s Inn Wednesdays from 20.00
Deutsch- Cafe Wagner first Tuesday of the month from 20.00
Send me an email (clarke@sbsz-jena.de) if you are interested in any of these. Happy language learning!! 🙂

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