Kira Dlusskaya, Fremdsprachenassistentin 2015-2016

kira2015Hi there! My name is Kira and I come from a big city called Edmonton, which is in the province of Alberta in western Canada. I have recently finished my university studies, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts focusing on International Relations and Modern European Studies from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver
I have been studying German for a very long time, so I am very excited to finally have a chance to live in Germany, experience the culture, and travel around the region. Thuringia is a beautiful region, and I am glad to have the opportunity to explore it. I enjoy hiking in the hills here, and exploring the historic city center of Jena. I also like to paint and do yoga, so I hope to be able to pursue these hobbies here as well.
Of course, my goal here at SBSZ is to help people to learn English. You can find me in 01.01.16 with Frau Oberender if you have any questions or want a chance to chat in German, English, French, or Russian. I am in the school Monday through Thursday, and will be there on Tuesday afternoons until 16:00 so that you can see me after class. You can also email me at
If you would like to practice your English in a casual setting, there is a Stammtisch that meets on Wednesdays at Bo’s Inn at 20:00.
I look forward to a wonderful year here in Jena!

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