Schüler gewinnen den U-18-Preis der Sepsis CamPetition – 2017.09.20

Schüler des Beruflichen Gymnasiums gewinnen den U-18-Preis bei der Sepsis CamPetition
Die zwei Schülergruppen des Beruflichen Gymnasiums 2016 gewannen am 13.09.2017 den geteilten ersten Platz in der U18-Wertung bei dem Kurzfilmwettbewerb der Sepsis-CamPetition. Ziel der Aktion ist es, möglichst viele Menschen auf die Sepsis (umgangssprachlich und veraltet: Weiterlesen

Tagebuch der Biologieexpedition Lysekil

Tag 1 – 04.04.2016

bta_swe_04Die Biologieassistenten der Klasse CTA/BTA14 sind zu ihrer Expedition / Bildungsfahrt nach Lysekil in Schweden aufgebrochen bzw. am Zielort angekommen. Nach insgesamt 14 Stunden im Auto bzw. auf 2 Fähren erreichten die Schüler und Lehrer pünktlich die Kleinstadt an der Westküste zwischen Göteborg und Oslo. Schon während der Fahrt konnten die Schüler viele neue Erfahrungen sammeln. So waren zum einen die Fahrt über die Öresundbrücke, weiter das Weltkulturerbe GrimetonWeiterlesen

Bildungschance genutzt!


Er hat seine Chance genutzt – Mehdi Zolfeqari aus Afghanistan (links im Bild, hier mit dem Dreh-Team des MDR) startete am SBSZ Jena-Göschwitz in einer BVJ-S-Klasse mit dem vorrangigen Ziel, möglichst schnell die deutsche Sprache zu erlernen. Seinen Weg kann man in einem Beitrag der Sendung „Nah dran“ des MDR Thüringen verfolgen. Der Sendetermin ist der 31.03.2016, 22:35 Uhr.

Seht selbst …

Kira Dlusskaya, Fremdsprachenassistentin 2015-2016

kira2015Hi there! My name is Kira and I come from a big city called Edmonton, which is in the province of Alberta in western Canada. I have recently finished my university studies, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts focusing on International Relations and Modern European Studies from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver
I have been studying German for a very long time, so I am very excited to finally have a chance to live in Germany, experience the culture, and travel around the region. Thuringia is a beautiful region, and I am glad to have the opportunity to explore it. I enjoy hiking in the hills here, and exploring the historic city center of Jena. I also like to paint and do yoga, so I hope to be able to pursue these hobbies here as well. Weiterlesen

Emma – Fremdsprachenassistentin 2014-2015

My name is Emma Clarke and I am from a place in the countryside called Katesbridge in Northern Ireland.
It is a beautiful place close to the Mourne Mountains and is known as the coldest place in the whole of Ireland!
There are 5 of us in my family. My mum and dad, 2 brothers and I.
I am interested in outdoor sports such as climbing, hillwalking and cycling. In the area where I live there are lots of events in the mountains for running, orienteering etc. so you never get bored. I studied Chemistry in Queens University Belfast and while I was there I got involved with the Queens University Mountaineering Club. The club is very active and every year we go on regular climbing trips all around Ireland, the UK and Europe. I love German and have wanted to live in Germany since I was 13. I decided to apply to be a language assistant with the British Council in January as some of my friends did the same thing in Spain last year and really enjoyed it. In the future I may decide to live permanently in Germany. I just have to find a job.
If anyone would like to speak to me or if you need any help I am in room 01.01.16 with Frau Oberender. There are some language exchange ‚Stammtische‘ in Jena which will help to improve your English. You can also come to the German one to help us foreigners learn German.
There are two in Englisch and one in German.
English- Kulturbahnhof Mondays from 20.30
Bo’s Inn Wednesdays from 20.00
Deutsch- Cafe Wagner first Tuesday of the month from 20.00
Send me an email ( if you are interested in any of these. Happy language learning!! 🙂

Emma – Fremdsprachenassistentin 2013-2014

My name is Emma and I am from Glasgow, Scotland. I currently study Interpreting and Translating at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, which means I spend most of my time in the city of Edinburgh, and I absolutely love it there. I am currently in my third year of University, which is used as the year abroad, and that is why I am here with you all for a year. I am so excited to be here, and so far, with particular thanks to my mentor teacher Bianca and the other teachers I have been working with, I am settling in very well!
I am very family orientated. In my free time I love hanging out with my twin sister, and with my family and friends. I am quite sporty and I particularly enjoy going to the gym, horse-riding and swimming. I also enjoy meeting new people, travelling, and experiencing new cultures, so I cannot wait to explore Germany this year.
For those of you who don’t have classes with me, feel free to come and talk to me (in English or German) or ask me for help anytime you like, you will find me in room 01.01.02!